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George Truefitt FRIBA
14th Febuary 1824 – 16th August 1902

Many of GT's pen and ink sketches, water colours and "curiosities" are still with members of the family, all of the churches and many of the other buildings still stand.

Contributors to the text

"G" Bell-Syer, daughter of GT (1897 – 1984)
Ginette Leach, granddaughter of GT (1933 – )
Mark Leach, great grandson of GT (1956 – )
Sue Beedell, family friend & author (1921– 2003)

George Truefitt, The Family Man

After the death of his first wife on the 16th of September 1896, George Truefitt, aged 71, courted young Connie aged 26, and the couple were married exactly three months later on the 16th December 1896. The marriage caused consternation in GT's family, because the 3 children by his first wife where aged in their mid-forties! Tongues must must also have been wagging in the town of Worthing, where GT lived as a well respected man.

George Truefitt died in 1902 aged 79, and writing in 2005 there are now no personal memories of the man. However, his daughter, Gorgie (or as as always known, "G"), was five when he died. Speaking in her eighties, G had vivid recollections of the man:

She would describe his "intense eyes with large pupils", and the fact that he never needed to wear glasses for reading or drawing. She described a very short man, full of energy, who was known for hurrying along in built up shoes to give extra height.

GT was remembered as being "very Victorian, strict with is wife and servants", although he probably spoilt his wife personally and in private.

A story passed down from from mother to her daughter shown was that he was a man of very rigid principles. Although he was well to do, quite famous, and living in a beautiful home as a respected family; he refused to buy a carriage as he felt that he did not have the social position to justify one. In other words, a carriage would be pretentious, an attitude that irritated his young wife who would have liked some personal transport that they could easily have afforded.

The drawing and paintings reproduced in this web book were done throughout George Truefitt's life in Worthing, although most in possession of the family are dated after his retirement in 1892.

George Truefitt must have been a familiar figure around Worthing with his sketchbook, and later with his pretty young wife and small daughter.