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Collections of chemistry links:

Chemistry Web Resources by Ron Rinehart
Online Chemistry Teaching Resources by Masters Degree Online
WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry University of Liverpool
WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry UCLA
Chemistry Resources by Steve Marsden
CFCC Organic Chemistry nice page full of links
Trinity University Cheminformatics Site lots of links
Journal of Chemical Education A wonderful site
Computational Chemistry Links
Chemie.de, German chemistry site (in English)
BioChem Hub, a page of links
www Chemistry Guide
Chemistry Resources On The Web

Chemistry blogs & newsletters:

In The PipeLine: medicinal chemistry & big pharma
The Chem Blog: a little infantile, but good stuff as well
ScienceBase Science Blog by David Bradley
ChemSpy: "Internet Navigator for the Chemical Industry"
The Alchemist chemistry newsletter on ChemWeb
Totally Synthetic, a synthetic organic chemistry blog
Tenderbutton, an organic chemistry blog
The Endless Frontier, Paul Bracher's general chem blog
The Sceptical Chymist, a Nature chemistry blog

Chemistry web books, information, teaching & learning resources:

IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology - the Gold Book
NIST Chemistry WebBook

General Chemistry
Chemogenesis: The Emergence of Chemical Reactivity
Purdue Topic links page and their topic review page
Classic Calculations Chemistry in historical context
Elements and Atoms: Case Studies in the Development of Chemistry

Chemistry Hypermedia Resources for educators
The Chem Team
General Chemistry for students
Chemical Energetics
General Chemistry Virtual Textbook
Chemical Education Resources
Lab Archive Lab Experiments, links and more
Concentration lectures from ChemBuddy
pH & Stoichiometry lectures from ChemBuddy
Chemistry Tutorials & Drills, learn & self-test
Virtual Lab Very cool
What is Chemistry?
A workshop discussion

A-Level: AS/A2
Rod Bevan's AS/A2 pages
Chemguide a virtual textbook by Jim Clark for AS/A2 students
Chemistry Tutor in Manchester

Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Webercises Poor name, but an excellent collection of links
Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry
Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry and Problems
Organic Chemistry by Richard Pendarvis
Free Organic Chemistry book, as .pdf
Useful organic links
Online database of nmr chermical shifts
Chemical Synthesis Chemical Database

Inorganic Chemistry
Jmol Molecular Structure Explorer an online database of molecular and ionic geometries by Bob Hanson
Jmol Crystal Symmetry Explorer by Bob Hanson
Heterogeneous Catalysis a web book
Composition and Physical Properties Of Alloys
Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms, and here
Structure of solids, here and here
Crystal Field Theory
Resources and calculators from Adam Bridgeman

Physical Chemistry
Theoretical Chemistry: a Self-Guided Introduction for College Students
HMO Calculator
Intro to MO Theory
Intro to Molecular Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics and Chemistry PDF by Howard Devoe
Intro to Electronic Structure
Physical Chemistry Animations
Acid/Base: species in solution
Introduction to Macromolecular Simulation Peter J. Steinbach

Degree Programs
Chemistry at Oxford

Chemistry software:

The Chemical Thesaurus
ChemSketch Free version available with many gadgets: 3d viewer and IUPAC name generator
ISIS Draw Free chemistry drawing program, Win & Mac versions
Wavefunction Vendor of ab initio chemistry software
Tom's Free Chemistry Software
Chemistry Courseware Consortium UK based
RasMol Molecular visualisation Freeware
Chemware.co.nz Windows educational software
Chemistry Software Links
Chemical Database Service Daresbury in the UK

Misc. chemistry web sites:

Combinatorial Chemistry Review
Chemistry Cartoons
Chemweb.com Registration is required for this site
Chemsoc.org The chemistry societies network on the web
Quick Science Search via Sciencebase.com
Silly Molecules click and see
Entropy and Information theory: the pitfalls
Chemistry jewelry from Made with Molecules

Misc. science web sites:

Minerals database, an excellent web collaboration
The Alchemy Site
Powers of 10
The History of The Universe
John Denker's Physics Documents many of which are of interest to chemists
Glossary of Coined Names & Terms used in Science
Aluminium, all about aluminium

Flnder.org - An experimental search interface
US Nuclear Accidents
The Feynman "Messenger Lectures" 1964 FANTASTIC
List of all physical constants (NIST)

Science vs Religion

Who we are... monkeys...
Dawkins: The God Delusion on News Night

Skeptic founder Michael Shermer

MRL's favourite web sites

The BBC site, probably the best site in the UK
BBC, CNN & al Jazeera for news
The Register for irreverent IT & science news
Samuel Pepys' London Daily Diary, currently 1662
IRIS Seismic Monitor, watch the planet rumble in real time
Saturn, Titan & the Cassini-Huygens mission
News site

Envin scientific for gas sensors, specialist glass and coatings & here

For archers in the North West UK:

Archery Page

MRL's Photographs

George Truefitt FRIBA

Trafford Tutorials

Ginette's Orange Gate Journal

A-Level Chemistry Tuition in Manchester