Optical filters


Optical Thin Film Coatings covering the Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared regions.

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Expansion of this manufacturing capability with a proprietary Energetic Ion deposition process is the result of an intensive research and development programme.

Benefits for high precision filter users in the extensive wavelength range of 300-8000nm include excellent adhesion, hardness, durability and temperature stability, even with very thick and complex coatings involving hundreds of layers.

The resulting High Perfomance Filters offer exciting possibilities in many Opto-Electronic technology areas. Examples include:-

Filters for use with the latest energy sources such as high power LED's. Steep transition edges from high transmission to high blocking levels enables use in many Spectroscopy applications.

Windows and Mirrors for use with Lasers at many different wavelengths including Broadband multiwavelength applications. Early results suggest great potential for high laser damage threshold coatings for many new wavelengths.

Scratch resistant coatings for use in hostile environments with optimised performance in the wide 300- 8000nm range offer major advantages for a multitude of Opto-Electronic applications. Expansion of the potential uses of both established and new polymeric materials becomes possible when the Optical Filter Coatings can be applied directly to the substrate.

Coatings where extreme environmental stability is important whilst maintaining precision optical performance such as High Transmission Bandpass Filters.

Novel Filter applications such as multi-wavelength Bandpass Filters for simultaneous use in visible and infrared regions. Dual Wave % T