From Vicci to Robin

Happy Birthday

Cranes, you just love 'em, you do!!!

"Oh great, I'll be able to inspect that crane. I've never been able to inspect it properly before."

"Someone said you can see 8 cranes from our building."

Talking about two or more cranes working on the same site: "I think they dance."

Responding to a close friend saying: "Robin, there's a little tidgy crane in Chorlton." "Aaaaaaaaah!!!!!"



"A blue and yellow one, now that's unusual."

"Ummmmm... we just saw one in Chorlton. Maybe they're not that rare... 8-( "







"Look, they have cranes in Spain as well. It must be a very advanced country..." (I made that one up, but I bet that is what you were thinking):





From the wibbly wobbly web:

The Berlin Skyline:


The Wright Bros. + crane