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Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix Database

Type 18 Lewis Acid/Base Complexation Chemistry

Cationic π-System Salts

Charge controlled ionic complexes which form solvent separated ions in polar solvents so making the interesting π-cations appear ‘naked’ for spectroscopic study.

Species can only be truly naked under high vacuum vapour phase conditions or in mathematical in silico computer models.

Charge: Complexes are neutral.

Exotic cationic π-systems, such as allyl & pentatrienyl cations:

cyclopropenyl, cyclobutdienyl, tropylium & cyclooctatetrenely cations:

are reactive electrophilic entities that require very non-nucleophilic anionic counter ions, and tetrafluoroborate, [BF4], and hexafluorantimonate, [SbF6], type ions are ideal.

Congeneric Series: Few of interest.
Type 18 Lewis acid/base complex (generic)
N5 hexafluoroarsinate

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Pyrylium tetrafluoroborate

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Interactions and reactions classified as:
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      1 +1 1

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