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Chemical Structure, Interaction & Reaction

A two day short course for professional scientists who would like to refresh their chemistry using up to date ideas and concepts.

Structure & Bonding: An Overview of 20th Century Theory
• The Rutherford-Bohr atom

• Lewis theory
• Atomic orbitals
• Molecular orbitals, LCAO, computational quantum chemistry
• Valence bond theory, VSEPR, molecular mechanics & molecular dynamics

Empirical Chemistry
• Matter
• Electronegativity, covalent-ionic bonding, the Laing tetrahedron, material types
• Periodic table, periodicity, congeneric series, planars & volumes

• Alkanes, pi-systems, functional groups, substructures, transition metals
• Reaction chemistry space
• Databases

Interactions & Reactions
• FMO theory
• The Klopman equation
• The five reaction chemistries: Lewis Acid/Base, Redox, Photo, Radical & Diradical
• The Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix

Informal Q&A Session

Reaction Mechanism
• Electronic & atom-to-atom mappings
• Substitution-transfer-abstraction-displacement: the STAD mechanism
• Unit mechanisms
• Compound mechanisms (name reactions)
• The mechanism matrix

Complexity & Chaos in Chemistry
• Systems & Chaos
• Chemistry Systems
• Linear Chemistry
• Complex Syestem Chemistry

Reaction Environments
• Gas, liquid (polarity & elutropic series), solid
• The Phase Interaction Matrix
• Homogeneous and heterogeneous
(stirred & diffusion controlled) systems
• Water
• Colloidal, interfacial
• Constrained: host/guest, enzyme active site

Informal Q&A Session

Emphasis will be on principles; common chemical examples will be used throughout.

The Chemical Structure, Interaction and Reaction short course is offered to academic, government and industrial establishments at competitive rates. Contact for further details.