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Short Course: Chemical Structure | Interaction | Reaction

A two day short course for professional scientists who would like to refresh their chemistry using up to date ideas and concepts.

Structure & Bonding: An Overview of 20th Century Theory
• The Rutherford-Bohr atom
• Lewis theory
• Atomic orbitals
• Molecular orbitals, LCAO, computational quantum chemistry
• Valence bond theory, VSEPR, molecular mechanics & molecular dynamics

Empirical Chemistry
• Matter
• Electronegativity, covalent-ionic bonding, the Laing tetrahedron, material types
• Periodic table, periodicity, congeneric series, planars & volumes
• Alkanes, Π-systems, functional groups, substructures, transition metals
• Reaction chemistry space
• Databases

Interactions & Reactions
• FMO theory
• The Klopman equation
• The five reaction chemistries: Lewis Acid/Base, Redox, Photo, Radical & Diradical
• The Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix

Informal Q&A Session

Reaction Mechanism
• Electronic & atom-to-atom mappings
• Substitution-transfer-abstraction-displacement: the STAD mechanism
• Unit mechanisms
• Compound mechanisms (name reactions)
• The mechanism matrix

Complexity & Chaos in Chemistry
• Systems & Chaos
• Chemistry Systems
• Linear Chemistry
• Complex Syestem Chemistry

Reaction Environments
• Gas, liquid (polarity & elutropic series), solid
• The Phase Interaction Matrix
• Homogeneous and heterogeneous (stirred & diffusion controlled) systems
• Water
• Colloidal, interfacial
• Constrained: host/guest, enzyme active site

Informal Q&A Session

Emphasis will be on principles. Common chemical examples will be used throughout.

The Chemical Structure, Interaction and Reaction short course is offered to academic, government and industrial establishments at competitive rates. Contact for further details.

Mark R. Leach Ph.D.

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