"You are thinking in a great combination of frontier orbital – of course I like that – and chemical ways. I like it."

A personal communication from Prof. Roald Hoffmann, upon receipt of a copy of the Lewis Acid/Base Reaction Chemistry book + poster.

Prof. Hoffmann received the 1981 Nobel prize for his work on the orbital symmetry interpretation of chemical reactions

The Chemogenesis Web Book

"I've never seen such a comprehensive and lucid explanation of the emergent nature of chemistry in all it's forms before... Great chemistry stuff in here!"

"While the treatment of the subject of chemistry on this site has nothing to do with any [current] academic syllabus, the Chemogenesis site is nevertheless a useful tool that can help students understand reaction chemistry and its causes (and effects) in a more complete or holistic manner."

"A well planned, well laid out site, which deals with chemical reactions and chemical reactivity. I found it fascinating."
PSER, Nov 2004

The Chemical Thesaurus Reaction Chemistry Database

"The Chemical Thesaurus is a reaction chemistry information system that extends traditional references by providing hyperlinks between related information. This program goes a long way toward meeting its ambitious goal of creating a nonlinear reference for reaction information. With its built-in connections, organizing themes, and multiple ways to sort and view data, The Chemical Thesaurus is much greater than the sum of the data in its database. The program does an excellent job of removing the artificial barriers between different subdisciplinary areas of chemistry by presenting a unified vision of inorganic and organic reaction chemistry."
K.R. Cousins, JACS, 123, 35, pp 8645-6 (2001)

Chemistry Tutorials & Drills

"Good tutorial about chemistry."
"Excellent, just what I was looking for."
"Love chemistry so this is fantastic!

The Lewis Acid/Base Reaction Chemistry Package (book + poster + CD-ROM)

"Intriguing, stimulating and of much interest and at £30 it is an absolute bargain."
The Alchemist on ChemWeb

"I do not know of any other textbook or other work in which the many different combination possibilities of Lewis acids and Lewis bases are treated so thoroughly and systematically as they are here."
Angewandte Chemie

"... a broad holistic approach is used to present a very large accumulation of reductionist data and information. Details become only details, and yet precision is maintained throughout."
Chemistry & Industry

"Overall, Leach's writing is crisp, and, although dense with facts and information, this book is simple enough for secondary school students."
Chemistry & Industry

"...undergraduates, post graduates, teachers and professional chemists will all find much in this package to interest them."
The Alchemist on ChemWeb

"This all leads me to recommend the work to anyone teaching in this area..."
Chemistry in Britain

YouTube Video Channel

"As someone who does/did well in organic chemistry (up to stereoselectivity), it makes me sad to say that? I never really understood the fundamentals of it. As a result, everytime I did an Organic course, it felt new to me, because I would have to 'remember' how things work. You make this very simple, concise and you answer why things this works. Understanding the basics will make it very easy to come up with answers as oppose to remembering them."

"Explaining chem like a BOSS! Thank you so much!"

"You Sir, have provided students with one of the best visual tools for understanding many deep relationships with why chemical reactions happen. You deserve orders of magnitude more recognition and praise for offering this brilliantly insightful tool free to all whom may benefit from it."

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