The Chemogenesis Web Book Explores How Chemical Structure & Reactivity Emerge From the Periodic Table of the Elements

Mark R. Leach Ph.D.

The Chemogenesis Web Book by Mark R. Leach Ph.D.
Foreword: Chemogenesis & Chemical Education
Part I  Atoms | Elements | Periodic Tables
1.1  Introduction
1.2  Nucleosynthesis
1.3  The Segrè Chart of Isotopes
1.4  Quantum Numbers to Periodic Tables
1.5  What is the Periodic Table Showing?
1.6  The INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables
1.7  Periodicity
Part II  Structure | Bonding | Material Type
2.1  Mono-Bond Typed Binary Compounds
2.2  Binary Compound Synthlet
2.3  Electronegativity
2.4  van Arkel-Ketelaar Triangles of Bonding
2.5  Tetrahedra of Structure, Bonding & Material Type
2.6  Structure, Bonding & Material Type Synthlet
2.7  Classification of Matter
 Part III  Interactions | Reactions | Mechanisms
3.1  The Chemogenesis Analysis: An Overview... and check out the video:

3.2  Lewis and Brønsted Models of Acidity
3.3  Pearson's HSAB Principle
3.4  Main Group Elements & Hydrides
3.5  Five Hydrogen Probe Experiments
3.6  Congeneric Arrays
3.7  Quantifying Congeneric Behaviour
3.8  Ligand Replacement Congeneric Arrays
3.9  Exploring Congeneric Array Interactions
3.10  The Emergence of Organic Chemistry
3.11  Congeneric Array Database
3.12  Five Reaction Chemistries
3.13  Lewis Acids & Lewis Bases: A New Analysis
3.14  The Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix
3.15  Patterns in Reaction Chemistry Poster
3.16  Lewis Acid/Base Matrix Database
3.17  Nucleophiles, Bases & The Fluoride Ion
3.18  Redox Chemistry
3.19  Redox Synthlet
3.20  Radical Chemistry
3.21  Diradical Chemistry
3.22  Photochemistry
3.23  Species/Species Interactions
3.24  The Simplest Mechanistic Step: STAD
3.25  Unit & Compound Mechanistic Steps
3.26  The Mechanism Matrix
3.27  Addition To a Double Bond Synthlet
3.28  Pericyclic Reaction Chemistry
Part IV  Chemical Theory
4.1  Why Do Chemical Reactions Occur?
4.2  Thermochemistry Synthlet
4.3  Timeline of Structural Theory
4.4  Modern Lewis Theory
4.5  Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)
4.6  MO Theory: Diatomic Molecules & Ions
4.7  Polyatomics: Hybrid & Molecular Orbitals
4.8  Linear & Aromatic Organic π-Systems
4.9  Functional Group Database
Part V  Complexity & Emergence
5.1  Systems Thinking
5.2  Linear Chemistry Systems
5.3  Complex & Emergent Chemistry Systems
Part VI  Extras
6.1  Videos in The Chemogenesis Webbook
6.2  The Chemical Thesaurus Reaction Database
6.3  Chemogenesis: The Paper
6.4  Electronegativity as Basic Property: The Paper
6.5  Literature Refs & Further Reading

Unlike chemistry textbooks printed on paper, this webbook contains dynamic Synthlet and Database pages that explore and make predictions about aspects of chemical structure & reactivity and have embedded reaction chemistry YouTube Videos.

Thanks go to the authors of web sites linked to from these pages, to members of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) and to the members of the ChemEd internet discussion list who have answered my many questions and synthesized such interesting postings.

© Mark R. Leach Ph.D. 1999 –

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