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The Chemical Thesaurus: A Reaction Chemistry Database

The Chemical Thesaurus Reaction Chemistry Database [a MySQL relational database] was originally developed to store data about Lewis acids, Lewis bases and Lewis acid/base complexes, but it has grown into something far, far larger.

Many of the pages in the Chemogenesis web book pull data from the ChemThes database.

So, What Is It?

A review of the 2001 version of the software perfectly sums up everything that The Chemical Thesaurus Reaction Chemistry Database project is trying to achieve:

"The Chemical Thesaurus is a reaction chemistry information system that extends traditional references by providing hyper-links between related information.

"The program goes a long way toward meeting its ambitious goal of creating a nonlinear reference for reaction information. With its built-in connections, organizing themes, and multiple ways to sort and view data, The Chemical Thesaurus is much greater than the sum of the data in its database.

"The program does an excellent job of removing the artificial barriers between different subdisciplinary areas of chemistry by presenting a unified vision of inorganic and organic reaction chemistry."

K.R. Cousins, J.Am.Chem.Soc., 123, 35, pp 8645-6 (2001)

Read more here, and access the database here.

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