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Congeneric Array Database

Congeneric arrays are isoelectronic sets of chemical species with linear structure and reactivity behaviour traits. More than 100 congeneric series and planars have been collected together, along with some other interesting collections of chemical species that are not congeneric.

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Alcohol Series, MeOH to tBuOH

Alkyl functions are electron rich. Increasing the number of alkyl functions renders an adjacent hydroxy function slightly less Brønsted acidic because the electron richness destabilises the conjugate base. Alkyl functions also increase steric hindrance about the hydroxy, -OH, group. All four of these alcohols are important solvents. Using acidified potassium dichromate: Methanol is oxidised to carbon dioxide, ethanol to acetic acid and isopropanol to acetone. The tertiary alcohol is inert to these conditions.

Weak acid, pKa 15
Polar solvent
Weaker acid, pKa 18
Sterically hindered
Less polar solvent

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