Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix Database

Type 9 Lewis Acid/Base Complexation Chemistry
Reduction of Onium Ion

               H3O+      +     H          H2     +    H2O:
               R3O+      +     H          R-H   +    R2O:

Bonding: Hydride ions do not form 1:1 complexes with onium ions because the Brønsted basic, nucleophilic, reducing hydride ion will initiate a proton abstraction reaction.
Charge: A reaction always occurs, rather than forming a Lewis acid/base complex so the idea of a charge on a complex is not applicable.

If the onium ion has a proton ‘ligands’ the onium ion will act as a Brønsted acid and donate a proton to the hydride ion to form H2:

               H3O+      +     H          H2     +    H2O:

If the onium ion has alkyl ligands (such as a trialkyl oxonium ion or a tetraalkyl ammonium ion) a nucleophilic substitution will occur in which electropositive nucleophilic hydride ion reduces one of the onium ion ligands to the corresponding alkane:

Congeneric Series: The concept of congeneric series is not so useful with onium ion/s-HOMO Lewis acid/base interactions.
Type 9 Lewis acid/base complex (generic)

Interactions and reactions classified as:
      1 + + 1

Nucleophiles & Bases

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