Lewis Acid/Base Interaction Matrix Database

Type 17 Lewis Acid/Base Complexation Chemistry
Reduction of the Organic π-System

Bonding: π-System Lewis Acids form complexes with hydride ions which exist as C-H bonds.
Charge: Complexes may be negatively charged or they may be neutral.

π-System Lewis acids are reduced by s-HOMO Lewis bases:

Hydride ion donor reagents, such as lithium aluminium hydride or sodium borohydride, both Type 6 complexes:

H2 plus transition metal catalyst:

During such reductions the hydrogen is likely to be in the form of a transition metal/hydride Type 21 complex.

The saline hydride reagents, NaH etc., Type 5 complexes, are generally too Brønsted basic to be used as organic reducing agents.

Congeneric Series: Few series or planars of interest.
Type 17 Lewis acid/base complex (generic)

Interactions and reactions classified as:

Nucleophiles & Bases

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