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Year:  1953 PT id = 397

Chaverri-Rodríguez Tabla Periódica de los Elementos Químicos

Spanish to English translation from here.

Click here to see a larger version.

Originally published: Tabla Periódica de los Elementos. J. Chem. Educ. 195330, 632-633

"The arrangement of the Periodic Table of the Elements according to Gil Chaverri-Rodríguez mainly takes into account the electronic structure of an element in determining the element's position in the table. It takes into account the different periods of elements have different length, because the first is of two elements, then followed by two periods of eight elements each, then two periods of 18 elements each, then a period of thirty-two elements and finally a seventh period incomplete.

"The table takes into account the important fact that, despite the variable length, the first two elements and the last six items in each period respectively have similar properties, forming the eight groups or columns of representative elements with similar chemical properties. The elements that constitute the Series Transition and Rare Earth Series are arranged in rows, in locations that correspond to how energy sublevels are filled that characterize these elements. Each element corresponds to a specific place and only in a box in the table, with no need to drop items off the table, at the foot of it, as in previous arrangements.

"With the information provided by the Board, you can deduce the electronic structure of a component, from its placement on the table, except the few cases that have small irregularities. In general, the Table is a settlement based on the electronic structure of chemical elements and this criterion determines its position in the array.":

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