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There are thousands of periodic tables in web space, but this is the only comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Mark R. Leach Ph.D.

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Year:  2016 PT id = 722

Philatelic Table of The Elements

Larry French writes:

"I created and first displayed [this Philatelic Table of the Elements] at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego.

"The table has been assembled with each element is represented by a single (or in a few cases a pair) of postage stamps. The table offers a platform for discussions of people, places, sources and applications associated with 114 elements. A total of 73 stamp issuing entities are represented. The table runs from hydrogen, with a North Vietnamese stamp celebrating the test of first Chinese H bomb, to livermorium, represented by a Soviet issue marking the 25th anniversary of the Nuclear Research Institute at Dubna. The table travels from Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni (lithium) to the Enewetak Atoll of the Marshall Islands (einsteinium) and spotlights environmental impacts of phosphate extraction in Nauru and lead mining in Peru. Discoverers and inventors from Moissan and Soddy to Auer and the Curies are met along the way. A range of applications including cesium formate brines in North Sea oil and gas drilling, indium in solar energy conversion, lanthanum in electric cars and technetium in positron emission tomographic medical imaging is included.

"Eventually, my aim is to produce a book which includes an essay for each element and stamp. I have made significant headway with the writing but there is much still to be done."

Larry French
Baker Professor of Chemistry
St. Lawrence University

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Philatelic periodic table

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