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The INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables

There are thousands of periodic tables in web space, but this is the only comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Mark R. Leach Ph.D.

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The 10 Periodic Tables most recently added to the database:

2021   The Periodic Table: Is it Perfect, is it Fractured or is it Broken?
2021   World's Largest Periodic Table Created on ECU's Science Building
2021   USA as Periodic Table Infographic
2021   Cubical-Stair Periodic Table
2021   Vernon's CSF Left-Step Periodic Table
2018   Beylkin's Periodic Table of The Elements
2007   Orthogonal Dimension Periodic Table
2021   Map of Fundemental Particles
2021   Coronavirus, Periodic Table of: Elements of a Year We'll Never Forget
1923   Fajans' Periodic Table


The Periodic Table: Is it Perfect, is it Fractured or is it Broken?

A video from Mark Leach, who writes:

The periodic table is an icon of science. Indeed, all chemical matter is made from periodic table stuff. The periodic table of 118 elements is often presented as being: (a) complete, (b) 'perfectly' described by the application of four quantum numbers with the application of some simple rules and (c) chemical structure & reactivity can be deduced from the periodicity of the Groups & Periods. However, the chemistry of the chemical elements is a little more involved than this. So, where & why does the predictability 'break'?

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World's Largest Periodic Table Created on ECU's Science Building


"The new science building at Edith Cowen University (ECU), Joondalup Campus in Perth stands out for its striking façade, which features the world's largest periodic table. The thoughtful design by Silver Thomas Hanley Architects responded to the brief to deliver a bold and sophisticated architectural statement in the urban setting. The façade featuring the periodic table celebrates the building's purpose as a centre of scientific research and learning. Based on the university vice chancellor Professor Steve Chapman's idea, the periodic table is an enormous 662 square metres, spanning the entire front façade of the building."

Thanks to Eric Scerri for the tip!

See the website and Eric's Twitter Feed.

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USA as Periodic Table Infographic

An periodic table inspired infographic of the USA (from CNN):

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Cubical-Stair Periodic Table

Sarthak Gupta's Cubical-Stair Periodic Table (Into a Whole New Dimension):

"Looking at the Modern periodic Table, somethings always bug you. The huge gap between the s and p-block when they should be side by side. The whole f-block floating around in air when it should be there in period 6 and 7. So why not experiment with shapes and structures and come up with something more space efficient?

"The cubical Periodic table paves the way taking the periodic table into a whole new dimension. Yes! from the 118 squares, we are going to transition into 67 cubes stacked onto each other like stairs."

The Cubical-Stair Periodic Table Explained:

Advantage over the Modern PT

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Vernon's CSF Left-Step Periodic Table.

René Vernon's CSF Left-Step Periodic Table.

"I was prompted to switch to He-Be and [to develop a Janet type] left-step periodic table. I suggest it remediates concerns about H and He, and Lu in group 3.



Click here to enlarge:

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Beylkin's Periodic Table of The Elements

René Vernon writes: Beylkin's Periodic Table of The Elements has 4n2 periods, where n = 2,3..., and shows symmetry, regularity, and elegance, more so than Janet's left step table.

Beylkin (an applied mathematician) writes:

"Let us take a continuous strip of paper and, on one side of the strip, write all the elements in the order of their atomic numbers. We then form a spiral with the strip such that the two most chemically distinct groups, the group of halogens (in which we include hydrogen) and the group of noble gases, are properly aligned. By flattening the strip on a plane and folding it in the middle, we obtain the new periodic table..."

Other features:

There are four new(ish) groups: Ti-Zr-Ce-Th, V-Nb-Pr-Pa, Cr-Mo-Nd-U and Mn-Tc-Pm-Np. For the actinide elements of these groups, the resemblance of the earlier actinides to their lighter transition metal congeners is well known. For the lanthanide elements, Johansson et al. (2014) wrote a nice article about Ce and its cross-road position. For Pr, Nd, and Pm, all of these are known in multiple oxidations states (+2, +3, +4 excl. Pm, and +5 for Pr only), just as the transitions metals are so known.

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Orthogonal Dimension Periodic Table

Novel Visualization of the Periodic System of Elements. The Orthogonal Dimension. Click here to read the paper.

ABSTRACT: The Periodic system of elements is presented in a novel way such that rare earth and actinides, and the triads Fe/Co/Ni, Ru/Rh/Pd, Os/Ir/Pt, and Hs/Mt/Uun, are shown orthogonal within the table, and not separately as accompanying rows. The new graphic presentation facilitates the visual orientation, eliminates the now prevailing crunching of the elements in the middle of the table, and avoids the cognitive confusion of scattered positioning of the <<a>> and <<b>> element subgroups sometimes widely separated within the same row. A characteristic meandering pattern emerges whenever switch occurs between the horizontal and orthogonal dimension of the Periodic system; the inner meaning of these switches remains to be elucidated.

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Map of Fundemental Particles

By Domain of SciencePosters & YouTube Channel – a periodic table of the fundamental particles that make up the periodic table.

Domain of Science is produced by physicist Dominic Walliman who is on a quest to make science as easy to understand as possible.

Click to enlarge:

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Coronavirus, Periodic Table of: Elements of a Year We'll Never Forget

By Jamie Diersing and posted on McSweeneys, The Periodic Table of Coronavirus: Elements of a Year We'll Never Forget

Click to enlarge:

Thanks to Eric Scerri for the tip!

See the website and Eric's Twitter Feed.

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Fajans' Periodic Table

Fajans K., Radioactivity and the latest developments in the study of the chemical elements, trans. TS Wheeler, WG King, 4th German edition, Methuen & Co., London, pp. 116-117, 1923.

René Vernon writes: "An addition to the long list of tables with B-Al over Sc."

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